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Geoff Sykes

Mel Craig

Kay Cofield

Film & Video Production



A Southern California Native, and HB resident, Geoff has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Video production. With over 15 years working on feature films, commercials and action sports he is the magician behind the camera for Cars & Cruise. Geoff is also an award winning, professional racecar driver with the US Touring Car Championship & the Red Bull Global Rally Cross Championship series. We are honored to have him on the team.

Founder Cars & Cruise



With over 40 years in the car care industry, a full time hot rod guy and a long time surfer, Mel is the Founder of HB Hot News and the President of Cars & Cruise Car Club. His major goal is to enhance the experiences for everyone in Huntington Beach. Whether you're a local resident, business owner of one of the thousands of visitors we get each year, the Hot Rod, Custom and Classic car lifestyle is what Mel is trying to promote in a big way!

Video Production Editor



Another HB Resident and HB businesswoman, Kay is an award-winning 23-year veteran in professional video production and editing.   As technologies continue to evolve, she excels at utilizing her skills and the “magic” of digital editing to bring ideas, vision and images to life. Her role in with Cars & Cruise is critical in the final product. We are extremely fortunate to have Kay on board our team as her contribution is key.

Bob Adler

Victoria Alberty

Video Production Lighting and Management


Bob has spent his entire career being on one side of the camera or the other. Bobs career spans well over 20 years. From NYC to Los Angeles Bob is one of the most sought after lighting professionals in the entertainment industry. He has worked on the Speed Channel and has traveled the racing circuit driving, maintaining and working within the racing pits. Bob’s background and experience he is the perfect fit for Cars & Cruise.

Web Development



A Long time Huntington Beach resident, Victoria has been doing HB Website Design for over 9 years.  She designed the website and maintains the web presence for Cars & Cruise.  She also runs TheLocalHB and assists in promoting Cars & Cruise and Car  Club events






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