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Brian and Gary Almas

1956 Chevy Nomad



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Jim and Terry Johnson

1969 Camaro RS / SS Pace Car


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  • Owner: Dan & Rita Tavaglione

    1957 Chevy Pick Up Truck




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    Dan and Rita built this truck almost 14 years ago. It was purchased in many different parts and delivered in several milk crates. Piece by piece the truck had to be put back together like a puzzle. With the help of a few of Dan’s friends, it took a few years to accomplish the project.


    Dan’s wife Rita surprised Dan with a custom leather interior in the bed of the truck, which turned out to be an award winning design. Once Dan saw what she could do, he had her install the same leather design into the cab as well.


    Yes, this too was a husband and wife project. And once completed, the truck was an absolute award winning vehicle being written up in Truck Builder Magazine and winning the top 10 at the Del Mar Nationals in 2003 it’s very first year out of the gate.


    Dan and Rita are both Founding Members of the Cars & Cruise Car Club and we are very proud to have them in our organization.


    Engine: Chevy 406ci with 500hp

    Transmission: 700R4 Four Speed Automatic

    Rear End: 9 inch Ford Rear end 411 Posi Track

    Suspension: Volaria Suspension

    Wheels & Tires: Boyd Wheels 18 fronts 20 back with Toyo Tires

    Exhaust: Sanderson Headers with Flow Master Exhaust




  • Owner: Rick Davenport

    1967 Chevrolet El Camino




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    This “SWEET” 1967 Chevrolet El Camino belongs to owner Rick Davenport of Irvine.  Rick has owned his share of hot rods over the years starting with his first car, a 1952 Chevy he bought for $50 in 1961.  Of all the cars he has owned over the years, this El Camino is right up there at the top along with his 1963 Corvette Stingray roadster.


    Rick really enjoys showing the El Camino at the local car shows and especially cruising down Main Street Wednesday nights after the HB Hot Rod Club meeting.


    Rick has appropriately named this Hot Rod Lola” Rick, like many other high end car owners says, What Lola wants, Lola gets!  She definitely has plenty of “bling” states Rick with a huge grin on his face.


    Ricks Spec’s

    • 1967 El Camino (aka Coupe Utility Vehicle)
    • License Plate “SWEET 67”
    • Show winning flames
    • 427 Rat Motor (just under 600 HP at the flywheel)
    • Balanced and Blueprinted by Superior Automotive
    • Brodix aluminum heads
    • 2 inch Hooker Headers
    • Magnaflow 40 exhaust system
    • Forged ICON Pistons
    • Custom built Comp cam
    • Solid Roller Lifters
    • Custom 1150 CFM Holley (Don at Superior)
    • Hydro boost brake system
    • Glide Engineering bucket seats
    • Custom sound system
    • 700R4 transmission custom built by Bowtie
    • 3.73 posi-traction 12 bolt rear end
    • Custom aluminum tonneau cover
  • Owner: Don ARcher

    1932 Ford Tudor Sedan




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    This is an awesome 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan that belongs to Mr. Don Archer a local resident here in Huntington Beach.  Don has owned this car for a number of years and has won many awards gaining huge recognition. His awards include Good Guys, Benedict Castle, Million Dollar Breakfast and now of course Cars and Cruisin!


    Don’s car has been published and featured in many articles and over the past two years he’s managed to have his car photographed and written up in our very own “The Guide Magazine” with his car gracing the cover and his story in the car culture review.


    You’ll find Don and his beautiful red 32 Tudor at just about all our local shows here in Surf City and if you catch it at the right time over any given weekend you can catch a glimpse of him and the car taking a cruise up or down Main Street.


    Don’s Spec’s

    • 1932 Tudor Sedan

    • All steel body

    • Interior is sculptured coffee color, box weave carpet with a Kenwood sound system, brushed aluminum accessories with classic gages

    • Paint is Scarletina Red with very cool subtle flames on the engine panels

    • 350 Chevy engine

    • Balanced and blueprinted

    • 350 Transmission

    • 9” 370 Ring and Pinion Rear End with coil over shocks

    • Headman ceramic coated shorty headers with “XPipe” Dual exhaust

    • Tons of chrome and polished aluminum top to bottom and undercarriage

    • Pete & Jake powder coated frame

    • Super bell single axle front end

    • Car is complete coated with Ceramic Pro 9H paint protection product

    • 15’ five piece Halibrand Wheels with BF Goodrich Tires

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  • Owner: Tom & Beverly Simpson

    1955 Chevy Belair Sport




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    Tom and Bev Purchased their 1955 Chevy Belair Sport right here in Southern California. From start to finish the entire build took about 15 weeks with Bev picking out the amazing color and Tom handling the duties of gathering all the parts to complete the car.


    The car was originally purchased in December of 2013 and continues to win trophies at car shows throughout the greater Southern California area and most recently won Best of Show in Fountain Valley Calif.


    We never expected to see the car do so well and had no idea it was going to be such a showpiece and it’s evident that there’s a special bond between us and the car States Bev. Its just so overwhelming on how many people have given us so much attention and we are truly thankful for that.


    • 1955 Chevrolet Belair Sport Coupe,

    • No post hardtop

    • 200 4 R automatic transmission

    • Small block 350 Chevrolet with 300HP

    • Edelbrock manifold and carburetor

    • Stock rear end

    • PPG paint

    • 1957 Replica Interior

    • Five spoke Rev wheels 18’s in the rear 17’s up front



  • Owner: Robert Wong

    1929 Chevy "Rat Rod"




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    This 1929 Chevy "Rat Rod" was built in Texas and the current owner is Robert Wong.


    Recently just won Best Rat Rod Award at the Edelbrock show in May. The Orange County Register featured the car at San Clemente annual car show. This car seems to draw the attention of the crowd where ever it goes.


    Some of the details people love about this car are the:

    • Crystal Skull Vodka bottle used for the radiator overflow (that lights up at night),

    • The skeleton hand on top of the shifter,

    • The Uber sticker in the window,

    • Pin striping and lettering that say "Is there a problem officer?"

    • 50 Caliber bullet spark plug wire separators

    • Skeleton hand holding up the front license plate

    • The hand painted skull head turn signals.

    Many of these fun little details often go overlooked but the 16 gal. Lone Star Beer keg gas tank behind the seats is NOT one of them states Robert with a huge grin on his face!



    • 1929 Chevy AC International Sedan that has been chopped 6" the fame was stretched to lengthen the wheelbase several inches

    • A modified Chevy 350 cu. in. engine with a tunnel ram intake and dual Edelbrock carburetors

    • A TH-350 automatic transmission.

    • Rear air ride suspension allows the car to be raised for driving and lowered nearly flat on the ground when parked.


    Almost everything on this car was hand fabricated from the ground up and definitely a car that continues to amazing everyone that sees it.

  • Owner: Nevill Omms

    1969 Camaro RS SS




    View Details Here

    Nevill Omms is a long time Hot Rod Professional. He is currently working in the Chip Foose organization and is considered a very well respected car guy in the industry. He is a local here in Huntington Beach and is very involved in the hot rod, muscle and classic car industry.


    Nevill’s car is a 1969 Camaro RS SS and was one of three cars built for Pioneer Electronics for the 2011 SEMA Show. The color is Troch Red and looks amazing in all different lights.


    The car features a ton of customization to include but not limited to:

    • Engine is a Chevy LSA Performance Crate Supercharged 375CI

    • 4L80E Automatic Transmission

    • Magna Flow Exhaust System

    • Centerline Wheels

    • Wilwood Breaks

    • Rear end is a Ford 9 inch, limited slip with 3.50:1 Gears


    The vehicle is all about being simple and clean  ‘less is more’ philosophy.”

    It’s been in Super Chevy Magazine, Drive Magazine and is being featured in Power Magazine in Sweden. You can also see the vehicle in various adds such as “Classic Industries” and “Pioneer Electronics”.


    The car has won various awards at many car shows.

    • People’s Choice award

    • Best Camaro

    • Best Paint

    • Best Muscle car

    • Best of Show



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  • Owner: Gary and Kathy Garner

    1932 Ford Deuce Coupe Outlaw




    View Details Here

    1932 Ford Deuce Coupe Outlaw owned by Gary and Kathy Garner. This car was a special “bucket list dream” for both of them. They bought the car after spending two years to find the perfect car that fit both of their personalities. The inspiration behind the car came from the two of them being long time surfers and the original song “Little Deuce Coupe” sung by The Beach Boys… How cool is that? Very cool…


    They bought the car un-finished because they wanted to customize the car to fit exactly what they wanted. Kathy was the designer while Gary wrote the checks to cover Kathy’s idea’s… LOL…


    The car is sponsored by Meguiars and has been a big winner in many car shows throughout the Greater Southern California area.


    Both Gary and Kathy are members of the Cars & Cruise Car Club and actively involved in all we do. We are so proud to have them on our team and especially cool having their car in our line up…


    The specs on the car are:


    1932 Ford “Little Deuce Coupe” Outlaw

    350CI Small Block Chevy Engine w/ 350HP

    4 Speed Automatic Transmission

    9 in Ford rear end with 350 gears

    Two tone green and silver paint

    All leather tan interior with custom gauges



  • Owner: Dennis Gallagher

    1937 Ford Woody




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    Dennis Gallagher is the proud owner of this beautiful 1937 Ford Woody. When Dennis bought the car it was more then just a barn find! In fact, most of the car was in shambles with parts displaced everywhere. Dennis knew this was going to end up a huge project car but it was the car he wanted and it was the car he had been looking for.


    The car was purchased in 2008 and Denise finished the car in 2012 with amazing results. Dennis and Linda are both members of the Cars & Cruise Car Club and have both commented on how stoked they are to be a part of the organization. Dennis and Linda don’t consider this dream car a trailer queen. They drive it all the time, they even take it on long trips throughout the greater Southern California area and use it faithfully as a means of entertainment and enjoy the car as it was meant to be.


    Some of the spec’s on the car are:


    • 1937 Ford Woody with a Ford engine! LOL…

    • The amazing color of the car is British Racing Green

    • Ford 3 speed automatic transmission

    • Wilwood Disk Brakes

    • Curry Rear End

    • Wheel Smith Wheels

    • All Leather interior by Bill Dunn

    • Amazing sound system

    • And way to many more options to list..



  • Owner: Jim and Terry Johnson

    1969 Camaro RS / SS Pace Car




    View Details Here

    Jim and his family bought this car out of Kentucky 15 years ago and the project begins. This very rare, numbers matching car is now an award winning vehicle but not without a price to pay.


    Jim, his family and many others have spent the last 15 years restoring this car back to its original condition. Jim recruited his family and was truly a Father and Son project. However there’s a lot to be said for his amazing wife Terry. She was very involved in the fine details and, she herself, getting behind many of the tools and sweat equity it took to get this car back to pristine, show car condition.


    There we only 3678 of these produced and in fact only one allotted per dealership to do as they felt best.


    At one time, in the early 1970’s the famous Rock & Roll DJ known as China Smith owned this car. How cool is that?


    Jim and Terry Johnson are both avid car show pros and members of the HB Car Cllub


    ENGINE: 350CI












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  • Owner: Brian and Gary Almas

    1956 Chevy Nomad




    View Details Here

    Brian and Gary Almas are a father and son team that have found a common thread that ties the two of them together over everything else they are involved in. It's the lifestyle they live in the hot rod and classic car industry. Their love for their cars and this newfound freedom has brought the two of them back together in a big way.


    Brian has always shared that after a very close call with almost loosing his dad he vowed to find something that the two of them could do together as a father and son should.


    They ended up with the same passion for cars and started on that long journey in search of the perfect car! They found the first one at the Mecum Auto Auction, which was Brian’s actual love in an amazing 1970 Chevelle they purchased together. During that same day they happened to bump into a good friend that led them to their next purchase of this beautiful 1956 Chevy Nomad Which is proudly nicknamed “Lomad”


    Brian and Gary are both very well respected members of the Cars & Cruise Organization and two very stoked car guys.


    Car Specifications:


    1956 Chevy Nomad

    Art Morrison Chassis

    LS I Chevy Engine by Turnkey

    Ford 9 in Rear End

    Boyd Coddington Wheels 18’s all around

    BF Goodrich Tires

    4L60E Transmission with a polished driveshaft

    Wilwood 4 Wheel Disc Brakes

    Borla Stainless Steel Exhaust









    View Details Here


  • Owner:  Paul and Loretta

    1968 Chevelle Custom




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    Paul is no stranger to the car culture and has been around Hotrods for over thirty-five years. With the help of his wife Loretta they took this 1968 Chevelle as a project build they could both be involved in.


    They found the car in Los Angeles in a very poor state with no engine or trans and was, for the most, part a roller but it had good bones with only 78,000 original miles. Paul and Loretta spent much of their free time building the car after hours and on weekends.


    Since it was not an SS this made it the perfect open canvas to build on and over the course of over 3 1/2 years it slowly came together in their personal two-car garage.


    Paul and Loretta’s newly built Chevelle is often their first choice for cruise nights on Wednesdays with the Cars & Cruise Car Club.




    • 1968 Custom Chevelle

    • 420ci Big Block with 550hp

    • Borg Warner Super T10 4 Speed Transmission

    • GM Posi-trac rear end with 3:37 gears

    • Hedman Headers with Flowmaster exhaust system

    • Hotchiks Suspension

    • CPP 4 Wheel disc brakes

    • American Racing wheels with Toyo Tires









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